Sunday : January 19, 2020

22/7 episode 2
Aikatsu on Parade! episode 15
Boku no Tonari ni Ankoku Hakaishin ga Imasu. episode 2
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 140
Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia eps 14 + ED02
Gegege no Kitarou (2018) episode 89
Hatena☆Illusion ED01
Idol Densetsu Eriko episode 50
Ishuzoku Reviewers episode 2
Kyokou Suiri episode 2
Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden episode 3
One Piece episode 918
Rifle Is Beautiful episode 12 FINAL
Uchi Tama?! Uchi no Tama Shirimasen ka? ED02

Saturday : January 18, 2020

Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season episode 77
Cardfight!! Vanguard: Zoku Koukousei-hen episode 35
Darwin's Game eps 3 + OP01
Detective Conan episode 967
Dorufuro: Iyashi-hen madness 4
Haikyuu!!: To the Top episode 2
Kabukichou Sherlock episode 14
Koisuru Asteroid episode 3
Mairimashita! Iruma-kun episode 16
Nanatsu no Taizai: Kamigami no Gekirin episode 14
Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga episode 2
Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita. eps 4 + ED01
Runway de Waratte episode 2
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T eps 2 + ED01

Friday : January 17, 2020

Beyblade Burst Gachi episode 41
Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! OP01
Housekishou Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei episode 2
Infinite Dendrogram episode 2
Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun episode 2
Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu episode 2
Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!! episode 2
Somali to Mori no Kamisama episode 2
Zoids Wild ED04

Thursday : January 16, 2020

BanG Dream! 3rd Season episode 3
Breakers episode 2
Chihayafuru 3 episode 14 FIX
Dorohedoro ED01
Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri episode 2
Kiratto Pri☆chan 2nd Season episode 76
Mugen no Juunin: Immortal episode 15
Nekopara episode 2
number24 episode 2
Plunderer episode 2
Radiant 2nd Season episode 15
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: Shin Henshuu-ban episode 3

Wednesday : January 15, 2020

Ahiru no Sora episode 15
Isekai Quartet 2nd Season episode 1 NEW
Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi episode 2
Senki Zesshou Shinai Symphogear special 2
Super Shiro episode 14

Tuesday : January 14, 2020

A3! Season Spring & Summer episode 1 NEW
ARP Backstage Pass episode 1 NEW
Babylon episode 19
Black Clover (TV) episode 117
Diamond no Ace: Act II episode 41
Heya Camp△ episode 2
Murenase! Seton Gakuen episode 2
Natsunagu! episode 2
Pet episode 2
Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle episode 14
Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki 2nd Season episode 2

Monday : January 13, 2020

ID:Invaded episode 3
Overflow episode 2
Pokemon (2019) episode 8
Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV IN08 + IN10

Last Update, 2020

Hentatsu (TV) episode 1 - 2 NEW
IDOLiSH7: Second Beat! episode 1 NEW
Iya na Kao sare nagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai 2 episode 5
Pokemon Sun & Moon episode 136 Dub Ver.
Rebirth episode 1 NEW
Star☆Twinkle Precure episode 47

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